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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

This is funny but at the same time it hurts so bad

sometimes you gotta laugh to stop from laughing

i’m gonna go ahead and assume you meant crying and/or screaming

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Paily, Mona and Sociopaths... Oh My.



PLL… I come back from Rugby practice and this is what you give me?

Vent mode activated:


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"I’m all for Paily kisses but this one will go down as by far my least favorite. Paige, how can you be done talking when nothing’s been said? No, ‘hey sorry I didn’t…




Emily/Paige scene from the finale

Y’all should’ve talked ‘cause Emily has some shit to say like, “I’m sorry I lost my mind and gave up on us because my supposedly dead crush came back to life and all I could think about was being 14 and loving her when I’m really 17 and madly in love with you. I was a dick. Please forgive me?”

Okay I generally feel like PLL does an equitable job of dividing time between the four girls but this was pretty bullshit.  They had plenty of time for Spencer and Toby to have a creepy bad girl/cop thing, and even more time for Aria and Ezra to have an endless conversation about pumpkin pie, but sorry, lesbians, there’s only 47 seconds for these two girls so just pretend everything is okay now.  I mean every time Aria and Ezra get back together there is a half hour epic slo-mo kiss.  Every. Single. Damn. Time. All 487 times they’ve gotten back together.  I mean I’m just saying…

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